A Charming Engagement Shoot at the Historic Parkwood Estate


Viktoria & Lucas

I had the pleasure of photographing Viktoria & Lucas’ stunning engagement session at the historic Parkwood Estate, where classic sophistication meets modern romance. In the hour and a half of tender moments and joyous laughter throughout our photoshoot, the love between Viktoria & Lucas was palpable. Their connection was beyond words, evident in every shared glance, every stolen kiss. I was a fortunate photographer witnessing such a beautiful dance of their intertwined hearts and took it upon myself to ensure each photograph would be a testament to the depth of their bond.

Location: Parkwood Estate, Oshawa

I was so glad to hear they chose Parkwood Estate in Oshawa for their engagement photos. The grandeur of the estate provides an enchanting canvas with its historic architecture, grand staircases, lavish fountains and lush gardens. Parkwood is truly one of the top locations on my list for weddings and engagements in the Greater Toronto Area, and I hope you will agree with me when you see the photos from this charming photoshoot.

Couple’s Styling

Our bride-to-be Viktoria wore a fabulous white engagement shoot dress with a slit that flowed beautifully as she strolled in the gardens, exuding confidence and modern style. Lucas seamlessly complemented Viktoria with a classic blazer and dress pants like a true gentleman. You cannot go wrong with keeping it classy for the men (but of course subtle twists of personality can also look great and be extra special). I always emphasize to our couples how much of a difference styling can make for engagement shoots as it sets the tone of the images. Thanks to our couple’s impeccable taste in styling, we were able to infuse a modern touch into the classic ambiance of the location, resulting in photographs that are not only romantic but also exude a contemporary allure.

Thank you Viktoria & Lucas for giving us the honour to document this exceptional time in your lives, and we hope these images will remain special for you for decades to come! 

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